Fidencio Clásico

Fidencio Clásico Mezcal Joven


Fidencio Mezcal is the result of four generations of tradition and skill. The estate-grown Espadin agave is carefully tended and maintained until it is harvested ten years later during the full moon. With a neutral heat oven, the agave is then roasted "sin humo" or "without smoke".

This unique oven helps bring out the agave's true flavor by reducing the smokiness found in most mezcal. Crushed, fermented, and double distilled in custom alembic stills, the resulting spirit is delicate, yet flavorful. This young mezcal has rich aromas of pear and kirsch on the nose. Robust flavors of agave mingle with pronounced notes of earth and spice that continue on through the lingering finish. Fidencio is an elegant and smooth mezcal that is delicious on its own, but will also complement a variety of cocktails as well.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 46.7%

Review - Fidencio Clásico Mezcal Joven

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