Fernet Francisco

Fernet Francisco Ruibarbo


Using Rhubarb root as the focused botanical, Ruibarbo is the newest expression of Fernet Francisco. Much like Manzanilla, we infuse a medley of aromatic herbs and botanicals for 3 weeks in local grape based brandy using stainless steel fermentors. However, we have increased the overall weight of Rhubarb that’s added to our infusions creating a rounder, sweeter, and slightly spicier liqueur. You’ll also notice that the spearmint and peppermint bontaincals were removed from the process to let the Rhubarb root shine. In place of them are a few “new” additions that help balance the overall profile.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Fernet Francisco Ruibarbo

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