Fee Brothers

Fee Brothers Olive Juice Brine 12.8 fl oz


(Salt) has been used for some time in making a Dirty Martini. Fee Brothers makes Olive Brine from the actual brine created when processing green olives.

It is filtered just enough to leave olive solids which provide that characteristic Dirty Martini cloud and the pleasant taste of a green olive.

This 12.7 ounce bottle of Fee Brothers Olive Brine is actual brine used in packaging of olives, not an imitation "juice" that's never even been near an olive. This is the real deal for Dirty Martinis and Dirty Margaritas. Opened in 1863, Fee Brothers of Rochester, New York, is in its fourth generation of manufacturing top quality cocktail mixes, bitters, flavoring syrups and other beverage ingredients. In stock and ready to ship. Features: This is real brine, not imitation! Used in drinks like the Dirty Martini and Dirty Margarita.

Bottle Size: 12.8 fl oz
ABV: 0.00%

Review - Fee Brothers Olive Juice Brine 12.8 fl oz

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