Elements of Islay

Elements of Islay Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Scotch 700ml


Elements of Islay Bourbon Cask is a part of the new core range trilogy alongside Cask Edit and Sherry Cask. This blended malt scotch whisky is matured in first-fill and refill bourbon barrels and bottled at a higher strength of 54.5% to fully showcase the whisky's natural personality. Classic rich barbecue smoke from a South Coast Islay distillery combines with more subtle, zesty flavors from the North Coast.

Tasting Notes:

The nose is sweet with aromas rising from a sugar jar mixed with vanilla pods. There is a pleasant fragrance of vanilla-and-amber scented candles, along with fresh tropical fruits. Faint puffs of chimney coal smoke linger in the background.

On the palate, a chocolate-dusted cappuccino, warm vanilla-custard brioche, and maple-syrup-poached tangy fruits appear, followed by a roaring peat fire. The taste finishes with butter icing on vanilla cupcakes.

The finish is sweet and creamy with a hint of peat smoke.


Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 54.5%

Review - Elements of Islay Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Scotch 700ml

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