Effen Raspberry


Picking raspberries in your backyard. Picnics in the park. Reimagine summertime with our EFFEN Raspberry vodka. With a sweet berry tang balanced by a soft vanilla warmth, it’s a refreshing, bright drink that’s enticing sipped neat. It’s also sublime zhushing up your favorite raspberry vodka cocktails. If you like your drinks bursting with super fresh fruity flavor this vodka has your name on it.

Enjoy the velvety texture of a unique drink crafted with our ultra-smooth charcoal-filtered vodka base and brightened with natural flavors. With a light, crisp finish, it harnesses the jewel-like ripeness of fresh raspberries and the tender decadence of vanilla. Turn up the flavor dial to fruity.



Bright raspberry, with a hint of other berries


Juicy ripe raspberries


Smooth with a round, fruity sweetness

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 37.50%

Review - Effen Raspberry

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