DuBouchett Creamy Head Sloe Gin Liqueur


Creamy Head Slow Gin are tiny berries that grow wild in hedgerows around England. Unpleasantly astringent on their own, they are popular in sweetened jams and preserves, and they develop a rich, tart flavor when infused in gin. Naturally, enterprising distillers have been incorporating them into liquor since the 17th century.

The spirit takes on the essence and bright color of the berries, and then sugar is typically added to counter the fruit’s tartness. What’s left is not technically gin, but actually a gin-based liqueur.

A sweet and fruity treat created by macerating sloe berries in gin.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 15%

Review - DuBouchett Creamy Head Sloe Gin Liqueur

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