Drnxmyth Strawberry Mojito 200ml

Our Strawberry Mojito is extremely refreshing, slightly sweet, and perfectly crushable - it's everything you ever wanted a mojito to be — but no one has been able to bottle until now.

White rum from Panama adds a distinct, smooth booziness.

Strawberry Syrup
Whole strawberries are blended — giving a real, fruity, and delicious taste — and brought to life with a bit of sugar.

Vanilla softens the astringency of the mint, lime, and rum. These Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans are made using a slow extraction process that brings out the deep flavor notes and rich aroma of the forest-grown vanilla.

Mint-Infused Water
To re-create a mint garnish often found in tiki drinks, we infuse fresh, whole-leaf mint in purified water, which naturally extracts not only the mint flavor but the dryness notable in the aftertaste. This prevents the cocktail from tasting too dessert-like, balancing the sweet notes with some vegetal in the most delicious way possible.

Lime Juice
Cold-pressed lime juice adds the right amount of acidity for our strawberry spin on the classic mojito.

Bottle Size: 200ml
ABV: 16%

Review - Drnxmyth Strawberry Mojito 200ml

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