Drnxmyth Ginger Drop 200ml


The Ginger Drop has notes of allspice, ginger, and vanilla. This cocktail is what happens when a Lemon Drop meets a Moscow Mule — they have an elegant, light, lemon-ginger baby.

Vodka is made locally in LA from grapes, which adds a softer and more rounded vodka flavor and helps create a unique ginger-lemon cocktail.

Ginger Vodka
Freshly cut pieces of ginger are infused in high-proof alcohol for at least a week, resulting in a highly rich and sharp ginger flavor.

Lemon Juice
Cold-pressed lemon juice adds the right amount of acidity to this sour-style cocktail.

Jamaican Bitters
These bitters are bright, tangy, and acidic, with grapefruit and hibiscus overtones and underlying spice notes of allspice, ginger, and vanilla, adding a fun complexity and “chewiness” that brings all the flavors together.

Bottle Size: 200ml
ABV: 16%

Review - Drnxmyth Ginger Drop 200ml

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