Drnxmyth Bourbon Sour 200ml


Our Bourbon Sour cocktail is bold, with big flavors: high-rye bourbon, blackstrap bitters, fresh orange juice. The Bourbon Sour comes cold and ready to serve.

Our high-rye, high-proof bourbon is made strong enough to carry through. Because it’s delicious enough to sip neat, it pairs perfectly with all the other ingredients.

Lemon Juice
Sourced from farmer co-ops in California, cold-pressed lemon juice adds the right amount of acidity for this sour-style cocktail.

Orange Juice
The orange juice helps bring down the acidity, which is normally reduced through egg whites; it also lends a refreshing Old Fashioned–inspired feel to the cocktail.

Cane Sugar
The smallest amount of sugar is added to balance the acidity of the lemon juice.

Blackstrap Bitters
Full-bodied and earthy, with two types of molasses, three types of cinnamon, nutmeg, sassafras, and sarsaparilla aroma and flavors, these bitters bring a layered, full-flavored depth to the cocktail.

Water is added to dilute the cocktail enough to be both sipped from the bottle when very cold and not too diluted over ice.

Bottle Size: 200ml
ABV: 17%

Review - Drnxmyth Bourbon Sour 200ml

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