Don Mateo

Don Mateo Mezcal Artesanal


This Pechuga is made according to the recipe of Doña Delía Vargas, Emilio's mother. A cotton bag with meat and spices is hung in the wooden top of the pot still. In addition to nuts, pineapple and other ingredients, this also contains iguana, deer and turkey. Then the mezcal is fired a third time, absorbing the flavors of the ingredients.

All in all, this Pechuga is lighter than many others, with less sweetness and hardly "meaty".

ABV: 45.0% - Content Net: 750ml

Nose: toasted notes, pineapple, chili

Taste: tropical fruits, spices with a dense texture

Finish: also with spices

Location: Rancho El Limón, Pino Bonito, Morelia, Mexico

Oven: earth pit, oak wood, partly green

Fermentation: Natural fermentation using wild yeasts in oak-walled earthen pits (10000 L)

Distillation: Triple in 150 liter wood-copper stills with internal condensation (alambique filipino)

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Don Mateo Mezcal Artesanal

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