Domaine Sante

Domaine Sante All-sass Grape Nectar 6.3fl oz

The Sugar Of California Wine Grapes. All-natural, Low Glycemic Sugar Alternative.
All-sass Is A Liquid Sweetener Made From Gewurztraminer And Riesling Grapes, I.e. Grapes Typical Of The French Wine-growing Region Alsace.


Beautiful White Floral Fragrance
"Sassy" Citrus Characteristics
Subtle Baking Spice Finish
Ideal For

Beverages: Tea, Coffee, Clear Spirited Cocktails, Sparkling Water, & Lemonade
Salad Dressings, Glazes, Stone Fruit Desserts
Add A Little Sweet To Your Savory With Our Seasonal Brussels And Butternut Salad Recipe.

Bottle Size: 6.3fl oz
ABV: 0.00%

Review - Domaine Sante All-sass Grape Nectar 6.3fl oz

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