Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head Walk With Wildness Whiskey Cocktail


Feel the forest and taste the coast. Walk with Wildness artfully blends the best of natural ingredients from both coasts to create a stretch-made ready-to-enjoy whiskey cocktail. This collaboration brings together two complementary artisanal distilling traditions by combining our Delaware-made spirit with California-foraged herbs from Juniper Ridge. We rest our Hull & Helm Whiskey on Delmarva beach plums before giving it an herbal punch by infusing it with White Sage Mint tea. Finally, we round off the edges with a touch of sweet cherry juice from concentrate. Enjoy over ice or neat because we won’t tell you what to do beyond compelling you to explore goodness!

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 32.5%

Review - Dogfish Head Walk With Wildness Whiskey Cocktail

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