Destillare Intense Cafe Liqueur


Copper Pot-Distilled American Brandy Infused with Fair Trade Arabica Cold Brew Coffee, Madagascan Vanilla, Cardomom & Honey.

Natural Suspension. Some natural cloudiness or faint sediment may be apparent, particularly at colder temperatures.

Destillaré artisanal potations add balance, flavor intensity and natural complexity to inventive cocktails.

Nose: Intense dark roasted coffee. Opulent, coffee forward, rich vanilla, natural floral aromas, citrusy spicy cardamom.

Palate: Layers of complex coffee roastiness. Very smooth, slightly dry without bitter astringency. Lightly earthy, with barista balanced sweetness from honey.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Destillare Intense Cafe Liqueur

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