Destilador Anejo


Exceptional quality premium tequila el destilador is triple distilled 100% pure blue agave produced and bottled by corporativo destileria stana lucia s. A. De c. V. Established in 1946 by senor enrique guillermo newton alexanderson it has grown into one of the most respected tequileras in the region.

The producing distillery name tequilera newton e hijos changed in 2011 to corporativo destileria santa lucia. 40% abv 80 proof el destilador has an intense color with gold and silver highlights and a clear nose with agave and fine wood notes. Its pleasant flavor recalls wood and raw agave notes. It is full bodied with legs.

The aged and extra-aged versions are matured in fine white oak casks. Ideal for drinking straight but it also mixes well with grapefruit soda. Crystalino anejo is tequila aged in fine white oak casks for 18 months and then bestowed with different shades of diamond enabling it to preserve its robust wood traits while offering us the fine pleasing notes of fres

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Destilador Anejo

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