Delirio Reposado


Made with naturally grown Maguey Espadín cultivated using ancient processes.  It's double-distilled in copper alembics to achieve an outstanding transparency and purity.

 After that, the distilled spirit is aged between two to four months in lightly toasted American oak casks.

 Delirio Reposado has a soft profile with a Maguey aroma and discreet smoke notes.

Ever since we fell for mezcal we refused to over explain the reasons. Actually, there were no reasons. No sexy backstory, only the impulse to “mezcalize” ourselves. (If you haven’t felt it, you will).

No reasons, only muses: the greatness of mezcal and the ageless aesthetics of Art Deco sophistication as promoted by Porfirio Diaz. (Yes, the Oaxaca born dictator).

 And then there’s the musing over origins: rusticity, extreme conditions, even pain; how small batch distillers outsmarted three centuries of colonial prohibition by refining clandestine recipes from one generation to the next.

Born in the very heart of mezcal country, Matatlán, Oaxaca, Santiago Family practices this unbroken tradition in each bottle of Delirio they instills with their feisty yet delicate character. (You'll get it when you drink it).

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Delirio Reposado

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