Dashfire Lavender Cocktail Bitters 3.4 Oz


That's more than just a catchphrase for us. Our "fire" or passion is in creating the very best bitters, cocktails, coffees, and spirits and caring about how we do that. It's also something that we hope our customers are able to do as they use and enjoy our products. If you are not able to find that thing that drives you forward then we hope you can at the very least find what makes you happy. In the end, there is always a nice Dashfire cocktail waiting for you on that journey.

  • Made from the highest quality botanicals, Dashfire Bitters were developed for both professional and home bartenders to enjoy.
  • Stylish glass bottles feature a full length dropper and bartender-friendly volumetric dashes for inventory purposes.
  • These versatile bitters can be used as an extract or as a subtle accent in your next craft cocktail.
  • Handcrafted in small batches in St. Paul, Minnesota

Bottle Size: 3.4 Oz
ABV: 38.00%

Review - Dashfire Lavender Cocktail Bitters 3.4 Oz

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