Dashfire Jerry Thomas' Decanter Bitters 3.4 Oz


A brighter more citrusy aromatic with elements of clove, raisin, rosemary, and the solid bitterness of gentian root.

It's important to have an aromatic bitter in your collection, especially since they are called for in many of the current and classic cocktails. But do you know the differences between aromatic bitters can be just as complex as the flavors they represent? We offer five aromatics because we know that one does not suit every cocktail recipe and with our variety you are sure to find the perfect one to truly elevate your cocktail.

  • Made from the highest quality botanicals, Dashfire Bitters were developed for both professional and home bartenders to enjoy.
  • Dashfire's Specialty Bitters feature complex varieties of aromatic botanicals, creating unique and full-flavored bitters that work well in a wide variety of cocktails.
  • Stylish glass bottles feature a full length dropper and bartender-friendly volumetric dashes for inventory purposes.
  • Handcrafted in small batches in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Ingredients: Alcohol, Orange Rind, Lemon Rind, Raisin, Spices, Water

Bottle Size: 3.4Oz
ABV: 38%

Review - Dashfire Jerry Thomas' Decanter Bitters 3.4 Oz

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