Cruz De Fuego

Cruz De Fuego Mezcal Oaxaca


Cruz De Fuego is a message in a bottle, and the message is, "Welcome." Welcome to Mexico, the most generous, most hospitable place on earth — a place where everything is shared. We express this by sharing with you the liquid art that is mezcal.

make the spirits you will find in our bottles, and they make these spirits in a traditional way, using their five senses. It is one of the things that makes many mezcals and mezcal producers — maestros — so unique in the world of spirits.

Like many of their peers, Margarita and Carlos roast their agave in stone-lined, earthen ovens. The oven is heated with wood fire for 12 hours before the agave are piled in and covered up with dirt, left to roast underground for five days.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

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