Crescendo Pompelmocello Organic Grapefruit Liqueur


From the Pacific Northwest comes a premium organic liqueur that dazzles. Reminiscent of a warm summer breeze, it is the perfect refreshment. Sipped well-chilled from an aperitif glass or mixed into a tasty cocktail, it is a true delight - a Crescendo to your occasion. This sweet citrus flavor can be used in any drink recipe in lieu of non-organic liqueurs.

Nose: Aroma of very fruity pink grapefruit, powerful with hints of citrus.

Palate: Very fruity, tangy with a touch of bitter orange and a beautiful smooth finish.

Finish: Refreshing finish.


Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 28%

Review - Crescendo Pompelmocello Organic Grapefruit Liqueur

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