Cream Alameda Sherry 500ml


Bodegas Hidalgo la Gitana was founded in 1792 and since then the company has passed from father to son, Today is one of the few wine companies owned and controlled by the family and run by the eighth generation in the direct line of the founder.

Tasting Notes

A rich blend of old Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximenez matured in solera for many years to create a rich sweet wine with a full nutty and dried fruit aroma. Denomination de Origen “Sherry-Jerez-Xeres”. Very Dark Amber. Full nutty, sweet, rich, warm, smooth. Ideal as an aperitif as an accompaniment of desserts and cheeses or alternatively as a long drink on the rocks with a slice of orange.

Bottle Size: 500ml
ABV: 17.5%

Review - Cream Alameda Sherry 500ml

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