Cragganmore 1973 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky


Experience the excellence of Cragganmore 1973 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky, a true milestone in distilling that showcases the craft and vision of the finest Scottish whiskies. Selected by Dr Craig Wilson and part of the prestigious Prima & Ultima series, this exceptional whisky hails from the oldest casks available, capturing the essence of a new age in whisky-making. With its complex aromas and remarkable palate, Cragganmore 1973 is a pathfinder for the smooth whiskies of the modern-day.

Tasting Notes

The whisky has a clear rich amber color, akin to polished mahogany. It displays long legs with no beading.

Medium to full-bodied.

The nose offers a mellow and inviting experience, with a slight initial prickle that quickly dissipates. The rich top notes evoke sherry-like qualities that transform into a sweeter aroma, reminiscent of almond oil or almond cake. Light fruity notes emerge, showcasing tropical fruits such as papaya, ripe mango, plantain banana, and apricot. The fragrance is complemented by delicate floral undertones, with a sandalwood cigar wrapper lingering in the base.

On the palate, the whisky boasts a creamy and lightly oily texture, delivering a sweet initial taste that gradually transitions to a pleasantly tart sensation. There are hints of caramelized orange, followed by a dry oaky character with light tannins.

The finish is quite long, offering a gentle and warming spiciness. It concludes on a dry note, with a lingering aftertaste of vanilla fudge.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional complexity and remarkable flavors of Cragganmore 1973 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky. This carefully curated expression represents the pinnacle of whisky craftsmanship and will undoubtedly captivate whisky enthusiasts seeking a truly memorable experience.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 44.8%

Review - Cragganmore 1973 Prima & Ultima Third Release Scotch Whisky

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