Corte Vetusto

Corte Vetusto Mezcal Artesanal Tobala

Corte Vetusto is the world's most highly awarded mezcal brand. Each of our small-batch and hand-crafted expressions has taken top honours at the most respected Spirit Competitions in the World.
  • Gold for Taste at the Bartenders's Brand Awards 2020

  • Gold Outstanding & Mezcal Trophy at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) 2017

  • Made from mature Espadin (Agave Angustifolia)

  • Joven (un-aged)

  • Cooked in a conical earth oven with mesquite wood for 4 days

  • Milled with a volcanic Tahona

  • Naturally fermented

  • Double distilled in small 250L copper pot stills

  • Distilled to proof

  • Small batch

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 43%

Review - Corte Vetusto Mezcal Artesanal Tobala

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