Corsair Pot Distilled American Gin 100ml Can


A 100ml can of our celebrated American Gin, Gold Medal winner at the 2021 Pr%f Awards.
We craft our gin in small batches using a vapor basket system instead of boiling/maceration common in other gins. A vapor system allows a truer flavor to come through because the botanicals go through an extraction process rather than a cooking process. By using this we can impart a much lighter, crisper botanical medley – resulting in a citrus forward, highly mixable gin.

Tasting Notes

Balanced blend of citrus, juniper, cardamom, and cucumber on the nose. Cucumber peel and Fareast spices coming through on the palate with a hint of mint at the back. Finishes with a crisp, light but long citrus and spice.

100ml / Proof: 88

Bottle Size: 100ml
ABV: 44%

Review - Corsair Pot Distilled American Gin 100ml Can

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