Corsair American Single Malted Rye Whiskey 100ml Can


A 100ml can of the “Best in Category - Rye Whiskey” double gold winner from San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

61% Malted rye, 4% malted chocolate rye, and 35% malted barley make up the grain bill of this rich, delicious whiskey. Unlike many other rye whiskeys, we do not use corn to fill up our grain bill, choosing instead malted barley which means Corsair Dark Rye is technically both a rye whiskey and a malt whiskey. This produces exceptionally smooth rye whiskey with chocolate, coffee, and spice instead of green notes common in most ryes

Tasting Notes

Rye and citrus fruit-forward nose with a hint of chocolate. Chewy, viscous mouthfeel with rye malt spice and oaky sweetness on the palate. Subtle chocolate and spice notes followed by a clean rye finish and lingering chocolatey rye after tone.
100ml / Proof: 85

Bottle Size: 100ml
ABV: 42.5%

Review - Corsair American Single Malted Rye Whiskey 100ml Can

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