Copper & Kings

Copper & Kings The Moons of Juniper Gin


Hand-crafted alembic dry gin using 100% grape wine & honey in American made copper pot stills. No neutral spirits are used in the double distillation of this unique American style craft gin.

Crushed whole juniper berries together with honey & classic gin botanicals – sweet orange, coriander, cardamom, angelica, grains of paradise, are macerated for an extended period in warm grape brandy low-wine, then redistilled together with vapor distilled pulverized whole juniper berries, sweet orange peels and jasmine in the gin basket.

Extra bold with assertive juniper. Forest pine, subtle woody spice, dark chocolate, cloaked in warm tropical orange. Extra smooth, with accessible balance, crisp dry gin. Rich & viscous.

Non-chill filtered to maximize the retention & concentration of juniper berries & the botanical flavors to allow them to shine with layered complexity. May develop a faint haze or suspension at colder temperatures.

No Neutral Spirits. Non-Chill Filtered

No Added Flavors or Colors Post Distillation.

Amplified Juniper

96 PROOF | 48% Alc. By Vol. | 750ml

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 48%

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