Copper & Kings

Copper & Kings Apple Brandy 90


Finished in Kentucky Bourbon and New American Oak barrels. Alembic distillation. Superb exclusively copper pot-distilled. Non-chill-filtered. No added apple flavors. Or essences. No added boisé (oak flavor or infusion), or caramel color. Craft distilled modern American Apple Brandy. 90 proof for robust structure & backbone. Authentic natural flavor.

A velvety, American interpretation of Apple Brandy. Some natural cloudiness, faint sediment or suspension may be apparent in the distillate, particularly at colder temperatures. Our ambition is to retain the integrity of the distillate with minimal intervention. Enjoy on the rocks, with your favorite premium mixer or in the composition of imaginative cocktails.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Copper & Kings Apple Brandy 90

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