Copper & Kings

Copper & Kings Absinthe Alembic


Enjoy in the composition of elegant & imaginative cocktails or be seduced by the classic absinthe preparation ritual. Alembic distillation.

Small batch distillation. Non-chill filtered. No post distillation, addition of flavors, colors, sugar, or synthetic chemicals.

Double distillation of superior, highly aromatic wine, & polished in American brandy barrels.

An  authentic, handcrafted distillation of classic absinthe botanicals – artemisia absinthium, anis, fennel, etc., accented with select aromatics.

Non-chill filtered for an authentic uncorrupted natural flavor. Some cloudiness may be apparent at colder temperatures.

Herbaceous, pastoral, with an authentic nose. Subtle, with a harmonious layering of signature absinthe notes; grande wormwood, sweet fennel and licorice. Smooth, mellow finish. Beautiful louche.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 65%

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