Copper Fox

Copper Fox Original Single Malt Rye Whiskey

Copper Fox Original Single Malt Rye is a unique and flavorful spirit made from 100% malted rye grown in Virginia. It is carefully floor malted and unsmoked, then gently double-pot distilled in two runs to create a smooth and complex taste. The maturation process involves a progressive series of new and used applewood and oak chips inside used bourbon barrels, followed by a second used bourbon barrel to ensure a rich and balanced flavor. This non-chill filtered rye whiskey is finished with toasted applewood and oak, creating a smooth and satisfying taste.

Tasting Notes:

The nose opens with a burst of honey and vanilla, followed by notes of ripe red fruit, baking spice, and toasted oak.

The palate is full-bodied and creamy, with a rich and complex flavor profile that features hints of caramel, toffee, and maple syrup. The rye grain provides a subtle spice note, while the applewood and oak chips add a touch of sweetness and smoke.

The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering warmth and a hint of dried fruit. The toasted applewood and oak flavors continue to develop, complemented by a touch of vanilla and spice.

Overall, Copper Fox Original Single Malt Rye is a well-balanced and nuanced whiskey that showcases the unique flavor of 100% malted rye. The maturation process using applewood and oak chips adds an interesting dimension to the flavor profile, while the use of used bourbon barrels creates a smooth and satisfying finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Copper Fox Original Single Malt Rye Whiskey

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