Clase Azul

Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2021 Limited Edition Tequila 1L


Clase Azul Tequila Día de Muertos Limited Edition Sabores is a tribute to this festivity's gastronomy and the remembrance of the most beautiful moments we’ve lived with our loved ones through the food we share.

This Limited Edition is the first of five installments of our Día de Muertos series that will be unveiled in the following years.

El Día de Muertos is the most anticipated Mexican holiday of the year, as it symbolizes one of the most beautiful traditions we have inherited—celebrating our loved ones who have embarked on an exciting journey: life after death.

Among the various ways to commemorate this holiday, a cultural element unifies all regions in Mexico: the food included in offerings.


This is our very first Single Estate Agave Tequila made from agaves exclusively sourced from a small mountain in Los Altos de Jalisco called "El Cerro del Viboreo." 

This extraordinary tequila was created by blending an añejo tequila aged for more than 14 months in casks previously used for American whiskey with tequilas aged in first-use American oak casks having light and medium charring. 

Its notes allude to the most iconic flavors found on offerings during Día de Muertos. Its aroma has notes of candied orange peel, agave syrup, and almond. Its flavor is complex with notes of citrus, clove, roasted coffee, and orange blossom, with a prolonged orange peel aftertaste.

Tasting Notes

- Roasted Coffe

- Orange Peel

- Sweet Pear

- Dried Rosemary

- Vanilla

- Almond

- White Flower

- Roasted Oak

- Sweet Coconut


The golden artwork on the decanter depicts Catrinas (elegantly dressed skeletons) enjoying a feast of the most iconic Día de Muertos dishes. The front is adorned with a handcrafted, gold-plated metal ornament made by Mexican artisans.


Our Executive Chef designed the perfect pairing to highlight the flavors of this exquisite añejo tequila: 

Goat cheese and orange marmalade tapas.

Bottle Size: 1L
ABV: 40%

Review - Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2021 Limited Edition Tequila 1L

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