Cherry Marnier

Cherry Marnier Liqueur 700ml


herry Marnier Liqueur, a superb creation from the esteemed Grand Marnier stable, boasts an extraordinary history dating back to 1827 when it was first crafted by Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle, the founder of the distillery. This remarkable liqueur carries the distinction of being the oldest recipe still employed by Marnier-Lapostolle to this day.

To achieve its exceptional flavor, Morello cherries sourced from Anatolya are carefully crushed and macerated in neutral alcohol at the Marnier-Lapostolle distillery. The resulting mixture is then meticulously strained, and the pulp and crushed stones are separated and distilled to produce an aromatic marc. This distinctive marc is later blended with the cherry maceration and combined with sugar syrup. The harmonious blend is then aged in vats for several months, allowing it to attain a perfect balance and roundness before undergoing the final steps of filtration and bottling. What's truly remarkable is that the deep red hue of this exquisite liqueur is a natural result solely from the cherries themselves.

During a tasting, you'll be greeted by a clear, dark amber appearance that sets the stage for a delightful sensory experience. The aroma is wonderfully aromatic, characterized by marzipan, grilled almond, and inviting vanilla notes, intertwined with blackberry tart and stewed plums. On the palate, you'll find a velvety texture that manages to be rich without becoming overly syrupy. The taste is a celebration of rich Morello cherry, complemented by the delightful presence of blackcurrant and raspberry, accentuated by the warm embrace of the spirit. What truly sets this cherry brandy apart is the pronounced essence of marzipan, grilled almond, and vanilla, derived from the cherry stones themselves. Subtle hints of vanilla and chocolate extend the palate, culminating in a captivating aftertaste characterized by a long-lasting, harmonious interplay of dark chocolate and cherry, with delicate notes of vanilla and spice.

In conclusion, Cherry Marnier Liqueur stands as one of the most exceptional cherry brandy liqueurs available, with its wealth of rich Morello cherry and dark berry fruit flavors. However, it is the distinct marzipan, grilled almond, and vanilla characteristics derived from the cherry stones that elevate this liqueur to a truly remarkable and unforgettable level of artistry. Indulge in this timeless masterpiece, a testament to the craft and expertise of the Marnier-Lapostolle tradition.

Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 24%

Review - Cherry Marnier Liqueur 700ml

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