Casa Azul

Casa Azul Organic by Eiza González Blanco Tequila


Casa Azul Organic Tequila Blanco by Eiza González is a premium tequila that is rested for 2-3 months before bottling. It features a vibrant agave flavor and nose with baked agave and ripe fruit, hints of herbs and minerals, opening up to a soft, smooth finish. This tequila is 100% USDA certified organic and made using traditional methods by third-generation agave farmers turned distillers at Tequila Las Americas, NOM 1480.

Casa Azul Organic Tequila is made using agave plants grown on a single estate near the distillery in the Lowlands. The plants thrive on the mineral-rich, dark volcanic soil, which adds unique flavor and character to the tequila.

Each agave plant is tended by hand until it's fully mature, using no pesticides or chemicals. The use of organic farming methods ensures that the tequila is pure and authentic.

The piñas, or agave hearts, are baked low and slow in a traditional stone oven to extract the best flavor from the agave.

The tequila undergoes natural, open-top fermentation with wild yeasts that enhance the natural aromas and create a more full-bodied tequila.

After fermentation, the tequila is twice distilled in pot stills and rested for two months, allowing it to aerate naturally for a smoother, softer profile before bottling.

Tasting Notes

vibrant agave flavor and ripe fruit with hints of herbs and minerals

baked agave, soft and smooth

long and smooth, with a subtle sweetness

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Casa Azul Organic by Eiza González Blanco Tequila

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