Cappelletti Amaro Alta Verde Assenzio


Amaro Alta Verde, a true and traditional wormwood amaro from Antica Erboristeria Cappelletti. The principal ingredient is assenzio, a variety of wormwood. A complementary blend of alpine herbs, citrus and spice frame and lighten the classic bitter profile. Amaro Alta Verde’s hallmark flavor was common long ago throughout the Adriatic, though seldom found in the last half century. Best enjoyed with citrus and tonic or soda, or just alone over ice with a big squeeze of lemon. In cocktails, Alta Verde adds depth and a drying effect to balance sweeter drinks.

The producer, which goes by the full name Antica Erboristeria Cappelletti, was first established in 1909. For most of their first century they were located in the historic Piazza Fiera in the center of Trento. Today they are located 20 km south of Trento in Aldeno, surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards. As the name would suggest, the firm was and is still today focused on products from traditional herbs, roots and flowers. They achieved fame in the region for their productions of amari and aperitivi, including the classic red bitter Aperitivo Cappelletti. All production is done in house by the fourth generation of the family, Luigi and Maddalena Cappelletti. 

  • Blend of alpine herbs, citrus and spice evoke a summer forest
  • Serve on ice neat, or with tonic/soda, and a big squeeze of lemon
  • Mix in cocktails with agave spirits


Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 24%

Review - Cappelletti Amaro Alta Verde Assenzio

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