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Cali Special Reserve Whiskey


CALI Whiskey is a unique California twist on a classic American sipping whiskey. CALI is smoother than a frontier whiskey, but more complex and flavorful than a traditional Kentucky bourbon. So pour a glass to sip while reading a good book or laughing with friends.

Flavor is all about aroma and running a distillery is really about how to use raw high proof alcohol to pull the aromas and flavors out of cool stuff. The flavors of CALI Whiskey arise organically from the interaction of the rich corn mash bourbon and spicy rye, mellowed by clean oak and then finished with our own signature blends of herbs, spices and botanicals.

CALI starts with pure whiskey front notes and ends with subtle, complex, slightly sweet spice notes – just enough to have it finish with a delicious complexity. Learn more about whiskey and how to appreciate it.

CALI California Sipping Whiskey is a small batch spirit. That means we only make a few barrels at a time, so it can be hard to find. It’s a limited edition run and we are hoping that you enjoy some before its gone.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 42.5%

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