Cabal Anejo Tequila 100ml


The term CABAL originates from the Spanish word for gentleman, caballero, which embodies the notion of striving for one's full potential. The concept of the horsehead symbol draws inspiration from the Charreria and horse culture in Jalisco, reflecting the essence of Jalicense culture. Just as we raise our horses and agave, we also nurture ourselves, fostering a passionate resolve from a young age to become both noble in spirit and akin to a noble steed.

Our Añejo undergoes a minimum aging period of 12 months, resulting in a deeper hue, enhanced fragrance, and intensified flavor that builds upon the inherent qualities of our reposado. With a well-rounded and complex palate, you will experience notes of sweet oak and butterscotch, culminating in a velvety vanilla finish. We employ single-use American white oak ex-bourbon barrels to achieve a crisp and robust mid-palate, leading to a clean agave aftertaste.

Tasting Notes

Dark gold reflections, exhibiting a brilliant and opulent amber shade

Floral Agave with hints of citric notes

Sweet Agave, invigoratingly fresh, with a vegetal and earthy character

Bottle Size: 100ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Cabal Anejo Tequila 100ml

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