By The Dutch

By The Dutch Dry Gin


Our distilled Gin is made at Herman Jansen Distillery in Schiedam, the city where Gin originated. The traditional Dutch spices & botanicals are distilled separately in a pot still.

The distillated are then blended and brought to alcohol by volume; a percentage chosen by our master distiller for the perfect balance or aroma and mouthfeel. A unique gin, blending the tradition of Schiedam genever with the best botanicals and spices.

– Alc.: 42,5% ABV – Size: 70cl, 75cl & 5cl (miniature)

– Origin: The Netherlands

– Production area: Schiedam

– Produced/Distilled by: Herman Jansen Distillery

– Botanicals: Juniper berries, blood orange, lemon peel, dried laurel (bay leaf), cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander.

– Maceration: The maceration time for each botanical is ± 15 days, before distillation. The exact time is different for each botanical.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 42.5%

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