Bruxo Mezcal No. 3 Barril


Bruxo No. 3 showcases the exceptional Barril maguey sourced from San Agustin Amatengo. The mezcalero behind this expression is Candido Reyes, also known as Tio Conejo (Uncle Rabbit), who holds a prominent position within the local community. This mezcal delights the palate with savory flavors accompanied by subtle minerality. Flinty undertones harmonize with hints of peppery herbs and dried leaves, creating a creamy and supple mouthfeel.

Bruxo Mezcal was born out of the profound love and respect its group of friends has for Mexico. In their exploration of the world of mezcal, they were captivated not only by its magical qualities but also by the remarkable people who craft it. The term "Brujo" embodies the essence of a shaman—wise and illuminated. The "X" in Bruxo signifies the pronunciation of their native lands, Oaxaca and México. It's worth noting that each batch of Bruxo may exhibit slight variations, so it's recommended to check your bottle for specific details.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 46%

Review - Bruxo Mezcal No. 3 Barril

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