Bruxo Mezcal No. 2 Espadin Barril


Bruxo No. 2 sets itself apart from the typical Pechuga Mezcals. Unlike most others bearing this name, Bruxo No. 2 does not contain any meat, specifically the signature chicken breast found in other Pechugas. Nevertheless, this Mezcal is still a remarkable spirit, albeit with a slightly misleading name. Instead of the customary chicken breast, Bruxo No. 2 refers to the breast of the Maguey plant. After distilling their classic Espadin, the Pechuga de Maguey undergoes a process where freshly roasted agave, split down the middle to expose the heart (or breast) of the plant, are steeped for several days. As a result, this Mezcal exhibits rich and sweet flavors of roasted agave, accompanied by a subtle smokiness. Its slightly off-clear color is due to the infusion of agave "breast."

Bruxo Mezcal was born out of the passion and deep respect its creators have for Mexico. They were captivated by the enchanting world of Mezcal and, above all, by the people who produce it. The term "Brujo" translates to shaman, wise, and illuminated, while the "X" in Bruxo represents the pronunciation of their ancestral lands, Oaxaca and México. It's important to note that each bottle of Bruxo may exhibit slight variations from one batch to another, so remember to check your bottle for specific details.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 46%

Review - Bruxo Mezcal No. 2 Espadin Barril

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