Bruly Casscara Cola Syrup 16 oz


Cola! An American icon...but, cascara? What the heck is that? Cascara is the cherry on the outside of the coffee bean. When tea is made from the dried husk, it produces a lightly caffeinated beverage that has tobacco and raisin notes. We use this tea as a base for our heavily spiced, extra curious cola syrup. We flavor this cola with kola nut and all of the traditional cola spices, but we add a bit of black lime powder, lavender, and gentian root to give it something more. We crafted this one specifically with bartenders in mind.

For all those times you wanted cola vibes for your cocktail but didn't want to use the same ol', same ol'...here's your new boo! These 16oz bottles will make 16-20 sodas and up to 32 cocktails! All of our products are handmade in small batches with apple cider vinegar and turbinado sugar to assure maximum quality in flavor and healthfulness.

Bottle Size: 16 oz
ABV: 0.00%

Review - Bruly Casscara Cola Syrup 16 oz

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