Bordiga Maraschino Cherry Liqueur 700ml


Maraschino has been produced since the beginnings of the Bordiga distillery and was one of the first products Pietro bottled. They continue to use the same recipe which includes both Maraska and Amarena cherries. Both are produced locally, farmed organically, and hand harvested. It is important to have a local source for such a delicate fruit because the minimal travel time ensures the cherries are fresh, intact, and not bruised. The condition of the fruit is key because it makes up over 91% of the total infusion. Bordiga uses the fruit and kernels (the inside of the pits which are crushed) from both of the cherries, and some leaves from the amarena variety. The remaining 8-9% of the infusion comes from Madagascar vanilla beans.

The cherry and vanilla bean botanicals are infused individually in alcohol until the different infusions are complete - about 30 days - then combined by Mario, the master distiller. Water and sugar are added and the liqueur is filtered and bottled. Modern techniques such as centrifuging, ultrasound, or the use of chemical solvents to speed up extraction are never employed. No purchased extracts nor colorants are used.

The Bordiga Maraschino is a dead ringer for the category and tastes of vanillin, marmalade, and toffee, with a nutty finish. This has ‘classic cocktail ingredient’ written all over it - think Aviation, Martinez, and Hemingway Daquiri.

Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 24%

Review - Bordiga Maraschino Cherry Liqueur 700ml

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