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Blade Gin was born in the Pacific Ocean mist, among crashing waves and rocky shores of Northern California.  It's inimitable flavor is inspired by the fresh citrus welcoming fearless surfers of Santa Cruz and Beach Boys tunes.  Even the name Blade is a slang term for an ultra rad competition surfboard.


With Blade Gin, we celebrate California Beach Dreamers, people who don't mind a little sand on their feet, who cherish every sunset and stop to listen to the song of the seagulls.  Inspired by such perfection, we not only had to work hard to hand craft the ultimate authentic California Single Pot Still Gin, worthy of the California name and the lifestyle, but had to design a custom hybrid copper pot still in Germany.

We shamelessly scavenge local California Citrus from our Morgan Hill vineyard, home grown ginger and cilantro and use the finest California and Italian Blue Juniper to create multi-gold award-winning authentic California Gin.  Of course, Blade Gin would not be complete without our Yosemite Toulomne River water, bringing the finest granite filtered water from the snow-capped California Sierras.  

Blade Gin redefines ultra premium gin category.  It is crisp, rich and full bodied, and balanced in the symphony of flavors, not allowing any one note to scream out.  Blade is NOT a heavy 'Juniper-bomb-suck-on-the-christmas-tree' London Dry Gin. Just like the California wines beat the French, Blade is the answer to why once again, we can beat the traditional European mass-produced gins.  

Blade Gin makes amazing B&T (Blade&Tonic), terrific Martinis with a lemon zest and candied ginger garnish. Great mixed with premium tonic and citrus mixers. Signature cocktail : Blade&Tonic, Blade Basil Gimlet, Blade Aviation, Blade Corpse Reviver and the Martinez.


Big Bodied, Fresh zested Citrus, Ginger Spice, Blue Juniper Blossoms

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47%

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