Black Maple

Black Maple Hill Small Batch Bourbon

Mention Black Maple Hill to a dedicated bourbon fanatic, and the odds are good you’ll get a response that ranges somewhere from exasperated to enraged. Introduced more than 15 years ago, Black Maple Hill was once a way to get your hands on some very old and rare Kentucky bourbons from pedigreed distillers in a mysterious, atmospheric package. But a couple of years ago, the whiskey in the bottle changed – and according to many, not for the better.

The Black Maple Hill brand was first introduced back in 2000, back before bourbon got really trendy. It’s produced by CVI Brands, a non-distiller spirits importer and bottler based in San Carlos, California. CVI’s portfolio reads like the dustiest, least-frequented section of the liquor store: Cognac, Armagnac, calvados, grappa, fruit brandy, rum, mescal, and a handful of Scotch brands, as well as the odd aquavit, gin, and ouzo. Black Maple Hill is easily its most mainstream product.

For a long time, CVI Brands sourced its bourbon from Kentucky. The early Black Maple Hill releases were said to be (1) wheated bourbon from Stitzel-Weller and (2) bottled by Julian Van Winkle III himself.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 47.50%

Review - Black Maple Hill Small Batch Bourbon

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