Bird Dog

Bird Dog Peppermint


Whether we’re spiking hot cocoa or developing a fine cocktail, we want peppermint schnapps that tastes like, well, mint. Natural peppermint aromas lend a refreshing yet warming sensation to our Bird Dog Mountain Dog. This sparkling clear liqueur glistens with an energizing scent from the onset, finishing with a clean and cool essence. Mix up our Like For Like as a shot or sip it slowly as an after-dinner drink.

Potency: 70 PROOF / 35% Alc/Vol

Color: Clear

Nose: An energizing scent of minty freshness

Body: Cool, fresh, sweet, bold

Finish: A sparkling finish with a gleaming linger

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 35%

Review - Bird Dog Peppermint

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