Beluga Gold Line Vodka 1.75L


Beluga Vodka is a world-renowned premium luxury vodka that prides itself on being "created, not made". Beluga Gold Line takes luxury and sophistication to the next level, specially crafted for true connoisseurs of strong spirits.

Using the purest Siberian Artesian water and wheat malt spirit that undergoes a rigorous 5x filtration, Beluga Gold Line embodies excellence. The vodka then rests for 90 days, allowing it to mature and develop a superior taste, making it perfect for exceptional people and special moments.

Each bottle of Beluga Gold Line has its unique serial number, and a cork sealed with wax to guarantee its quality. It has been awarded an impressive 94 points by Wine Enthusiast magazine and is best enjoyed with caviar.

Beluga Gold Line has a crystal-clear appearance, and a fresh, pure aroma with delicate notes of grains, wheat, and alpine herbs. Its taste is soft, creamy, and balanced, with an exquisite sweetness that lingers on the palate.

Experience the luxurious taste of Beluga Gold Line, a vodka that is not just made, but crafted with passion and dedication to deliver a truly exceptional drinking experience.

Bottle Size: 1.75L
ABV: 40%

Review - Beluga Gold Line Vodka 1.75L

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