Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin


A sophisticated blend of fine botanicals and exotic teas

12 hand-selected Botanicals, steeped in London for 24 hours to create a richer and more sophisticated gin.
Modern London
Inspired by aspects of modern london that are simultaneously exhilarating and refined. Beefeater 24 takes a complex blend of 12 botanicals including grapefruit peel and Japanese and Chinese Green Teas, and infuses them in spirit for 24 hours.
The Distiller's Cut
"After distillation, I select the perfect cut, resulting in a London dry gin with a fresh flavour profile that is best enjoyed in modern cocktails. I proudly present Beefeater 24 - a Gin made in London for exciting cities around the world"

Demond Payne, Master Distiller

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 45%

Review - Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin

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