Barsmith Simple Syrup 12.7 Oz

Barsmith’s Simple Syrup is a dynamic and versatile syrup that can be used in making many great cocktails—and plenty of other drinks and even foods. Using pure cane sugar at exacting proportions, this syrup is a necessity in any well-stocked bar or home.

We launched our Simple Syrup to serve as a go-to staple and help round out our collection of high-quality mixes. Our customers love it because it is a key mix, with its clean and consistent flavor, in many classic cocktails, including Old Fashioneds and whiskey sours.

Although Barsmith’s Simple Syrup shines the brightest in classic or modern cocktails, when it comes to inclusion in cocktails, this nonalcoholic mix is also used by customers in making iced teas and as a baking sweetener.

Bottle Size: 12.7 Oz
ABV: 0.00%

Review - Barsmith Simple Syrup 12.7 Oz

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