Cocchi Barolo Chinato 500ml


Barolo Chinato is a special wine produced with Barolo DOCG, aromatized with cinchona calisaya bark, rhubarb and gentian root and the precious cardamom seed whose active principles are extracted with a slow maceration at room temperature.
Characterized by balance and harmony in the perfume with an immediate pleasant taste and a pleasant aromatic persistence.

The occasions to appreciate Cocchi Barolo Chinato are diverse, with a particular success in the good restoration when served at environment temperature or as elegant end of the meal or even steam heated with orange zest. Almost a surprise then the recent discovery of Barolo Chinato as an “ideal liquid” to support and complete the persistent taste of the mostly cocoa rich chocolates.

Andrea Slitti, among the best maîtres chocolatiers, has produced an artisanal praline with Barolo Chinato. A top-of the-range product distributed by Giulio Cocchi to accompany the tasting and to show the successful marriage.


Bottle Size: 500ml
ABV: 16.5%

Review - Cocchi Barolo Chinato 500ml

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