Bak's Quince Liqueur


Quince is a very distinctive and fragrant fruit of Asian origin. Represented by varieties that are similar in appearance and scent to pears and apples. Quince, although valued and consumed for thousand of years by the Greek and Romans, has been currently rediscovered and reintroduced by the liqueur and food industries. People enjoy the delicious, amber-gold and fragrant Bak's Quince Liqueur by drinking it simply, using it for cocktails during their social and private occasions, and for presents. It is also a great alternative to dessert wines. Moreover, chefs have been using Quince for jams and jellies, and the Bak's Quince Liqueur for gourmet cooking.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 35%

Review - Bak's Quince Liqueur

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