Bahnbrecker Hefeweizen Whiskey


Bahnbrecker Hefeweizen Whiskey is a unique and delicious whiskey that combines the smooth, easy-drinking character of a hefeweizen beer with the rich, complex flavors of wheat whiskey. This whiskey is a blend of straight wheat whiskeys that have been lightly macerated with lemon peel and clove, resulting in a smooth and refreshing taste with a subtle hint of citrus and spice. The blend of whiskeys used in this spirit gives it a rich and complex flavor profile that is perfect for sipping or as a base for creative cocktails. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed in a delicious cocktail, Bahnbrecker Hefeweizen Whiskey is a must-try for any whiskey lover looking for a unique and innovative drinking experience.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 40%

Review - Bahnbrecker Hefeweizen Whiskey

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