Backbone Prime Blended Bourbon Whiskey


Backbone Prime is a blended bourbon meaning at least 51% of the blend is straight bourbon. Our proprietary blend includes different ages of Straight Bourbon and a combination of Straight Rye and Wheat whiskey. Lastly, we add just a little “old” Light Whiskey to boost the strength and complexity of the blend. The 104 proof makes this bourbon great to drink in an Old Fashioned, or sipped by itself.

Distillation: Lawrenceburg, IN

Proof: 104

Current Batch: #10

Cases Produced: 850

Tasting Notes: Notes of caramel, oak, and dark cherry hit the nose. The palate starts off with sweet vanilla flavors quickly moving to a bold spice and finishes with a smooth, almost maple sweetness.

Bottle Size: 750ml
ABV: 52%

Review - Backbone Prime Blended Bourbon Whiskey

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