Bacardi 151 Puerto Rican Rum 200ml


Why was BACARDÍ 151 rum discontinued? Well, we had already taken the first precaution when we started selling our 151 rum bottles with a metal flame protector built into the lid; yes, all bottles of 151 proof alcohol (75.5 %ABV) are well known for their flammable qualities. We’re sure you can guess how that situation escalated…

The responsible next step was to discontinue BACARDÍ 151 altogether. Some things are just better left to the imagination.

As a company, we care for our customers’ health and wellbeing, and since there are so many other premium BACARDÍ rums to try, we felt it was best for everyone to let BACARDÍ 151 slink away into the night and transform into the shadowy creature of legend it has become.

Bottle Size: 200ml
ABV: 75.5%

Review - Bacardi 151 Puerto Rican Rum 200ml

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